Young Saudi Artists 2013 (OPEN CALL)

Athr Gallery is proud to announce the 3rd annual Young Saudi Artist exhibition opening this April 2013.  Athr is searching for up-and-coming local artists who work across a range of styles and mediums. This exhibition will demonstrate the continuity and growth of the Saudi art scene, to show that it is expanding, flourishing, and here to stay.


Last year YSA had my first installation ever!! and it was such a great experience!
i HIGHLY recommend everyone to send their concepts!! In the exhibition you’ll get exposure and most importantly you’ll learn more about your work by seeing how people interact with it! believe me you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Application Requirements:
– Detailed and updated CV.
– 6 Images of previous works.
– Brief, one-page description of the 6 submitted works.
– Image or detailed sketch of new work to be submitted, along with the concept.
– Open to all art mediums and installations, kindly specify. 
– Applicant must be under the age of 30 years old.
Submit Application to


  1. Pingback: Anonymous

  2. , said:

    Could be my fault, but that’s a very short notice, otherwise I would’ve participated…

    Is there a certain ‘preferred’ theme for this year?

    • basmahd said:

      the deadline is only for the concept. a simple brief or sketch of what you have in mind along with previous work.

      the execution will have a good period of time to be done.
      and no it’s an open exhibition

      • , said:

        oh now that’s damn exciting … I may participate with photography/short film, how would I sketch that though ?

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